Rationale of NYCOM's existence

The National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) was established after government realized that there was immediate need for proper coordination of youth programmes, following the mushrooming of various youth-serving and youth-led organizations and an exponential rise in the interest of other non-state actors to participate in the youth sector. The Council exists as an implementing arm of the Ministry for youth, currently part of the Ministry of Labour, Youth, and Sports. NYCOM is a key institution for ensuring efficient and effective implementation, coordination and evaluation of various youth programmes in Malawi. NYCOM is mandated to register youth organisations, and coordinate, promote and regulate youth work in Malawi.

We register youth organizations, coordinate, promote and regulate youth work in Malawi

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Through a wide range of need-based trainings, workshops, mentorship sessions and development of materials for youth organisations, in collaboration with our development partners we develop and strengthen institutional capacity of youth organisations and skills and abilities of youth leaders in order to enable them to develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable, thus developing their potential to contribute towards the sustainable development of their country.

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NYCOM was formed with the aim of encouraging, promoting and coordinating youth development and empowering young people to participate effectively in their personal, community and national development.
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