Register your NGO

The National Youth Council of Malawi Act (No 22 of 196) stipulates that no youth organisation shall operate in Malawi unless it is registered with the National Youth Council of Malawi. The following are the key considerations for registration:


Physical address (office)

Registration with the District Youth Officer


Objectives and mission


Bank account

Projects (past or present)


Clear target group

Financial procedure

Clear goal

Records (financial and activities)

Impact area

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The National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) is a non-profit making parastatal institution which supports youth organisations by providing them with certificates, trainings, and sub-grants and materials which we get from our partners. The Council receives funding from the government, however, most of the activities are implemented with support of donors and partners as in most cases funding from the government is not adequate to cover both administration and programme related costs.

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We are mandated to stand out as a gateway to youth work in Malawi. With years of research, engaging and learning, we partner with like-minded agencies for sustainable youth development that is based on insights and evidence.