NYCOM unveils Youth Fund ambassadors

NYCOM unveils Youth Fund ambassadors

The National Youth Council of Malawi-NYCOM has unveiled brand ambassadors it’s program, the Youth Innovation Fund.

Award winning musician, Kelly Kay and social media influencer, Pemphero Mphande are the face of the fund which seeks to promote youths across Malawi. 

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony, NYCOM CEO, Dingi Jere said the two are key in achieving what the innovation basket seeks to promote. 

“These ambassadors will help us carry the message to the young people across Malawi as well as partners and stakeholders,” he said. 

Added the CEO: “The two have been chosen because of their influence on fellow youths plus what they are doing in society.”

While Kell Kay is into music and art for transformation, Mphande runs the 

Forum for AIDS Counseling and Training which focuses on HIV and Aids related services, among others. 

The social media influencer applauded NYCOM for recognizing him, calling it an opportunity to serve the youths of Malawi.

“This partnership is an honor as it speaks to me personally. The concept and idea of a Youth Innovation Fund is something I have personally worked on before as an individual. 

“It was called ‘Mtukule Mzako’. So now, I will be able to represent the same idea on a national level. This is so exciting,” said Mphande. 

The Youth Innovation Fund seeks to bring youths together and raise funds that support innovative ideas. 

4 thoughts on “NYCOM unveils Youth Fund ambassadors”

  1. Thank you very much gor choosing this 2 Ambassadors to help Youth empowering the nations. Hope things will be much okey.

  2. Nice move & i as a youth am looking forward to this.

  3. Geoffrey Yagontha Munthali August 21, 2021 at 3:24 am

    This is good news I hop a lot of the youths gonna benefit from this we never know maybe it’s me or someone else. But I believe we as the youths will benefit alot from this.

  4. Gerald Kalolokesya August 21, 2021 at 5:46 am

    This’s the brilliant idea, ido believe more of us youth’s titukulidwa

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